Friday, January 25, 2013

The End

Molly is 6!
After much thought, I've decided it's time to end No Spelling at the Table. 

My reasons are several. Josh and Molly are getting older, and soon they may want to have a say in the content of their Internet presence. It has been fun to share all of the adventures of their baby, toddler and preschool years, but now I feel like I need to be more reserved about the pictures and stories about them that are posted online. I also wonder how many times you all want to see pictures of the same events, over and over, that we do every year.

This blog has been a wonderful way for me to record Josh and Molly's early years, and I appreciate all of you who have checked in with us and even, at times, left comments.

I'm ending my blog just after Molly's sixth birthday, and she was an infant when I started writing here. When and if the time opens up, I plan to transfer all of the photos, writing and comments into a scrapbook.

We move forward on Facebook, where I'll continue posting pictures of the kids, and I'll share all of the crazy details of our year in my annual Christmas novel letter. Thank you for reading for so many years! It has been a joy.