Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A less miserable Cub Scout campout

I reluctantly agreed to attend the spring Cub Scout family campout, primarily because the weather would be more humane and the campground seemed pretty nice. I admittedly started the trip with a very bad attitude, but thanks to perfect weather and a great state park, I ended up having a lot of fun! And, I got some sleep! 

The park where we stayed had many things for kids to do, including mini golf and paddle boats. The kids were in heaven. Molly turns out to be a pretty good putter -- maybe there's a future for her there.

 At this point we had not seen a mirror or a hairbrush in quite a while.
Because it wouldn't be a true campout without the Metzl family providing some entertainment, Josh obliged by getting stuck in the Port-A-Potty while everyone was gathered around the campfire about 20 feet away. We were all treated to his panicked yelling and beating on the walls. Here, the cub master is walking over (he was followed by a pack of kids wanting in on the action) to assist Chris in the rescue. It turns out that only the door was stuck and the "potty" part of the Port-A-Potty was not at issue, and Josh was quickly freed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Annual $90 Tutu

It may be a good thing that Molly has decided she hates dance class, as we hate having to pay $90 each spring for a tutu. Last week was the ceremonial unveiling of the recital dresses, and this year Molly's class got bright yellow. She likes the tutu, but she tells me that some of the dance moves are too complicated for her and she'd rather just take gymnastics next year. My pocketbook thanks her!

I also attended Parents Day at the gymnastics center last week, and I got to watch both kids' classes. We should signed these kids up for gymnastics as soon as they could walk! It's a great way to tire them out each week. Here they are with trophies they earned for... attending class this semester.

Happy Mother's Day?

I was treated to some very interesting events at the kids' school this year for Mother's Day. The week began with a "Mom's Salon" at Molly's preschool, where we got our nails painted... by 5 year olds. As you'll notice, I have blue glitter nail polish on my right hand and (thankfully) a lighter shade on my other hand. I removed the polish that night, and Molly couldn't understand why!

Josh's class held a "Poetry Breakfast," where all of the kids read aloud poems they had written for their moms. I was a ball of nerves waiting for Josh's turn. Creativity is not really his thing, and I could only imagine what kind of crazy stuff he might have said about me in a poem! Thankfully, his poem was pretty tame and didn't contain lines like "You're my mother/I'm glad you're not my brother" like some other poems did!

The poetry reading was following by a smorgasbord of donuts and cookies. I'm sure the teacher enjoyed herding a bunch of sugared-up kids for the rest of the day!