Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Third Grade

Finally! We had an extra-long summer this year, and Josh got on the bus this morning to start third grade. He seemed a little nervous and quiet at the bus stop, but he has a great teacher and a couple of friends in his class. I'm hoping it will be a good day for him. I wish I had taken a picture of him sitting at the breakfast table staring out the window like a zombie. The early morning start was a bit jarring for everyone!

Josh is holding our new dog, Kaia, who so far has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves the kids and the cats, although the feeling is definitely not mutual from Homer and Henry. Kaia enjoyed all of the attention at the bus stop, and Josh liked showing her off to all of the kids there. 

Molly starts kindergarten on Wednesday, so only two more days until I start my new life with both kids in school all day! I'm the school yearbook adviser this year, which will be like a part-time job for several months, and I'm trying out a new writing job with a local news website in Charlotte. I'm excited about the possibilities with this large block of time I have every day, although next week I may take one day to read a book, eat and nap as an official day of rest after nine years of staying at home with kids!

Josh and his teacher, Mrs. Hodges, at open house last week