Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's May 17!

We headed out to a park on Sunday to celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day (which is really today) with the local Norwegian crowd. We attended the church picnic just before, and by the time we rolled into the Syttende Mai party, we were stuffed. We then faced down tables of Norwegian food and ate another meal, even though it wasn't even 4 p.m.!

We arrived too late for the children's parade, but Josh was pretty chipper, despite the amount of food he had eaten, during the children's games.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

$91.50 later. . .

we have one dance recital costume, which Molly will wear on stage for about five minutes in early June. The girls tried on their costumes this week while the parents reeled over the cost. Anyone need a flower girl?

Strawberry Festival

We took the kids to a local strawberry festival last weekend and were pleasantly surprised at how fun it was! The kids went on rides, had their faces painted and ate barbecue, and the highlight or our day was watching piglet races. This is the South!

We weren't sure if Molly actually enjoyed this ride. She stayed in this position with her eyes closed the whole time!

Josh had to watch the pig races from the top of the pig trailer, and here he's signaling the beginning of the race for some reason.

A feed trough was enough incentive for the piglets to run around the track. They were very happy at the end of the race!