Saturday, February 26, 2011

Floor Burn Champion

Josh's basketball season ended today, and I'm proud to say that he is no longer a traveler. He has, however, shown signs of becoming a "flopper," our term for basketball players who dramatically throw themselves on the floor to increase their chances of drawing a foul call. Whenever the teams would crowd up on the court, Josh was sure to be the one on the ground when the area cleared. Today, his coach acknowledged Josh's tendency to get "floor burns," which he kindly attributed to playing hard! Josh has actually taken himself out of the past few games with "injuries" due to flopping.

The coach also noted that Josh has become a very good shooter, and we're very proud of his improvements this season. His team won most of their games, and we'll miss cheering for Josh on Saturday mornings. He now wants to play ice hockey. Stay tuned on that one.

Today's cheering section: Emily, Walt, Vivy, me, Molly. . .and baby Fink on the way!

Thanks to basketball season, Molly has become a good Angry Birds player

In other news, on one recent cold weekend we decided to pool our Christmas money and buy a Kinect. Josh has been asking if one of his friends can spend the night, and word on the street is 7-year-old boys will play a Wii for hours. We opted for the Kinect instead, which doesn't have a handheld joystick that can accidentally get thrown into the TV set.

Here are Josh and Molly playing Kinect bowling:

And here's one of Molly's new "looks":