Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend in the mountains

We took an impromptu trip to the NC mountains this weekend and enjoyed great weather and a generally complaining-free time from the kids. There must be something about the mountain air! We hiked to this waterfall twice -- the first time we were afraid it would get dark while we were in the woods, so we returned the next day with a picnic and our swimsuits. I'll just say that Josh, the dog and I had a great time swimming.

We do feed our children and pets, even though you can count every one of Josh's ribs in this picture. If the dog was standing sideways, you could count her ribs too. 

Molly's feelings on swimming in freezing cold waterfall water

This is before the first hike, where everyone is clean and dry.
After the first hike, where Molly fell into the creek several times. She was a great sport about it, even after falling several more times the second day. Her clothes from this hike will never be the same! I think the back of her shorts will permanently be gray and brown from the creek mud. 

We also visited the apple orchard, but it was raining so we mostly bought pre-picked apples.