Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Josh is at sleepaway camp in the N.C. mountains this week, and we have no communication from him. The camp does, however, post hundreds of pictures on its website every day so desperate parents can get a glimpse of what their child is doing and make sure the kid is wearing clean clothes every day. I have been pouring over pages of pictures, and Josh finally showed up in the photos today. Unfortunately, he looks either tired, miserable or confused in all of them. We haven't received any calls from camp (they have a no news is good news policy), so we're hoping he's having a good time.

Josh is behind the girl in the tie-dye shirt playing four square. We're always happy to see that he's participating (our standards are low!). Also glad to see that he is wearing a different shirt in two of the photos.

 Maybe acting out a skit?

I think this is how I looked in every science and math class I ever took (if I wasn't nodding off).
We're picking up Josh early Saturday morning. I've been writing and emailing him daily, and I'm sure he's been enthralled with my updates and photos of our kitchen renovation. I sent several stamped, addressed envelopes for him to write home, but so far, nothing! No news is good news, right?

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