Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hold the Slobber

We dogsat Ellie, Tim and Hannah's neopolitan mastiff, last weekend, and she and Josh became fast friends. We had a great time with Ellie, and there was much weeping and wailing when she went home Sunday evening. As has become Josh's custom, he posted some rules on our glass door for Ellie to read and follow.

The first rule is to not "slothr on us," which we have interpreted as "no slobbering." Ellie was unconcerned, and Josh really wasn't either as he didn't mind the occasional sliming when Ellie greeted him. We look forward to Ellie's next visit!


Jon said...

That boy (and girl) needs a dog!

Hannah Murray said...

Great photos! I forget how big she is sometimes. You guys are awesome for taking her in.

MetzlCW said...

We took her for a 3-4 mile walk/run combo on Sunday. We got a lot of looks/comments from the other walkers!