Sunday, February 12, 2012

Singing with Headphones

The entire second grade performed a song and dance show last week about the environment, and Josh entered the very crowded auditorium in his favorite way -- wearing headphones and holding his teacher's hand. Among almost 200 kids wearing green shirts, it was easy to spot him!

It never does get any easier to be the parent of the kid wearing headphones, so we were relieved when he took them off two songs into the performance because it was hard to dance in them. Amazingly, Josh sang, danced and rapped (!) along with the rest of the second graders. Each class performed one song on stage while the other classes sang along with them, and we were surprised at Josh's high level of enthusiasm for his class' dance! He's just to the left of the girl with the green bow in her hair in the picture below. I've included a video of "Water Waster," a surprisingly catchy song that we are still singing around the house. We've also found it very effective now to tell Josh to hurry up in the shower because he's being a water waster!

In the video, Josh is in the center row toward the right, above the blue sign shaped like a recyclable bag. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Josh entered his first Pinewood Derby this year with "Tar Wheel," a car with Tom Brady's jersey number and the UNC logo. Not sure what to think of that combo!
The track was hooked up to a computer, which listed each kid and his car before the heats. There was no strategy involved, but the kids acted like their lives were on the line every time their car raced. One mom did tell me there was less crying at the event compared to last year.

 We're hoping Josh's car will do better next year! He's already making plans for his 2013 design.
Molly is always happy to attend Cub Scout events if there's food. Up next is the sleepover at the zoo in Columbia, S.C. in March. We will actually spend the night in the zoo, and I say we because I'm a chaperone. Arghh!