Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We took the kids to their first UNC basketball game in early December, stopping by some  campus landmarks on the way to Franklin Street for dinner. They weren't too interested in any "Mommy used to live in that building" talk, and they spent a good bit of time complaining about how far it was to walk anywhere. 

 We met up with Mandy, Josh's first-grade teacher who's now a PhD student at UNC, for dinner at Pepper's Pizza. It was very fun to hang out with her as friends instead of teacher/parent, and we're glad she's being converted into a Tar Heel fan! 
The Tar Heels struggled in the first half against a crappy team, and our fellow fans in the nosebleed section had some choice words for our team. Josh picked up on their colorful language, and in a shining moment for all of us, stood up and yelled "You suck!" at the team. Several weeks later he yelled the same thing to the Charlotte Bobcats at a game here. In Josh's defense, they deserved it!
Molly was less than impressed with the whole basketball thing. She was mostly interested in our trip to the Yogurt Pump for oreo yogurt before the game.
Even though some guy with a Tim Tebow jersey was seated a few rows in front of us, I hope in the least our trip to the Dean Dome will remind Josh which collegiate team he needs to cheer for.

Molly is 5!

Molly turned 5 last week ...and I missed it! 
 I had the rare opportunity to take a Caribbean vacation with my college friends, kindly paid for by Shelley's husband Kevin. While we were sitting on the beach in the Bahamas, Molly celebrated with Chris, Josh and Jerry, who came to help run the show for the week. And really, I'm the one who did all the work on Molly's birth day -- a little relaxation is always in line to celebrate that event!
Chris is now an expert in making chocolate cakes, as he made one for my birthday earlier this month as week. They took Molly bowling, her choice of birthday activity. Tim and Hannah took her to Barnes & Noble the next day and let her pick out a book for her birthday, and she ran from the classics straight to the super hero section, where she chose "Hulk Saves the Day." All we can say about that is at least she's interested in books!
Just for fun, here's Molly almost five years ago ...