Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Busiest Day of the Year

We are resting for an hour in between what may be the busiest day of our lives! Between the four of us, we've helped Tim and Hannah unload their storage unit, attended a birthday party and the neighborhood Easter egg hunt (pictured above). We've got two more kids' birthday parties and Steph's bachelorette party to go!

Molly and I started the day at her schoolmate's party at Build-A-Bear, which was more like herding kids around the store for an hour. Molly thought it was great fun, and she really likes her new stuffed wolf, which is named Wolf.

Getting ready to leave

Molly and her preschool BFFs, Claire and Maddie

Chris and Josh helped our neighbors hide about 1,600 plastic Easter eggs in the woods around midday. That meant each kid could gather up to 50 eggs. We promptly emptied the prizes our of our 100 eggs and donated the eggs back to next year's hunt!

Josh actually won the egg roll and the egg and spoon race this year by bending--but not breaking--the rules. He used the spoon to toss his egg across finish line (as opposed to rolling it) in the egg roll, and it miraculously did not break. He sat the egg on the spoon during the race, then held the egg in the spoon in his hand (rather than balancing the egg in the spoon). I think he ended up with a DQ for both of those maneuvers.

The boys lost the 2010 tug-of-war 2-1 this year, even with a little extra help at the end of the rope.

Finally, here's a photo from last week when we had dinner with Greg and Andrea, our friends from Wilmington, and their kids. This was taken well after bedtime, and everyone was a little slap happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Choir Boy

We have been attending the Wednesday night program at Emily and Randy's church during Lent, and Josh has joined the Wednesday night children's choir rehearsal. One of the leaders is also the director of the Bright Beginnings program (the public school pre-K program Josh attended when he was 4), and she has taken a liking to Josh and encouraged him to participate in the children's choir performance at today's church service.

Josh was happy to participate as long as he didn't have to wear a choir robe (he explained that his sweater was enough to keep him warm and he didn't need a robe). He looks like a deer in headlights in this picture, but he actually did very well and remembered almost all of the words to "Trust and Obey."

In return for his participation, we told he could go up the church balcony after the service. He and Molly enjoyed yelling down at the people milling about in the sanctuary--they are never the wallflowers, that's for sure!

We also tried to make some progress this weekend on Josh learning to ride a bike, as he needs to learn before we go to the beach in June! Our progress was cut short when we realized the back wheel was bent, so the bike is now in the repair shop for a week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pet love

At Josh's request, here is a photo of him holding Homer. Just a few months ago, I could hold this cat in one hand!

The cats remain incredibly tolerant of Josh and Molly, who torment them daily by chasing and carrying them around the house. I often wish I had the camera ready at all times to capture some of the "help me" looks on the cats' faces.